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Radiant Communications Corporation Offers HQ Streaming for MDUs

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Updated 7:00 AM CST, Mon, March 05,2018

South Plainfield, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2018 -- Radiant Communications Corporation has spent years providing customers nationwide with high-quality communication solutions. The company offers a variety of affordable audio and HD video encoders to a wide range of clients, including those who own or operate multi-dwelling units such as assisted living facilities, college campuses, and apartment complexes. Fiber networks have proven to be particularly beneficial to MDUs, as they can improve cable broadcasting, CCTV security feeds, and PEG channel streaming.

Multi-dwelling units such as college dorms often require building owners to provide broadcast cable streaming capabilities for residents. While streaming video to an entire building can be done with relative ease, upholding quality standards at a level that residents expect proves to be much more difficult. However, Radiant Communications Corporation is constantly innovating their products to keep up with this demand for high quality. MDU owners can rest assured that their broadcast cable streams will maintain speed, quality, and cost-efficiency with video encoders from Radiant Communications Corporation.

In addition to broadcast cable streaming, fiber networks can improve the definition and speed of CCTV security streams. It is vitally important for MDUs to keep their security feeds functioning at efficient levels, as they pertain to resident safety. Radiant Communications Corporation offers encoding products that ensure HD video streaming and feeds with little-to-no time delay.

Fiber networks can also be utilized by MDU owners to provide HD PEG encoding for residents. Public, educational, and government channel streams can sometimes be tasked with relaying urgent information, requiring a network that will reliably reach residents of a multi-dwelling unit. All encoders from Radiant Communications Corporation, whether they are SD or HD, offer an efficient way for MDU owners to provide PEG channels at a high speed.

Anyone interested in the fiber network encoding products offered by Radiant Communications Corporation can contact the company by visiting or calling 1-888-412-0124.

About Radiant Communications Corporation
Radiant Communications Corporation designs and manufactures products that transport data, audio, and video signals through Ethernet cables, fiber optics, and the Internet. Their systems are used throughout the world by a variety of television networks and telecommunication firms, as well as government and private institutes. Founded in 1985, they have created technology that has been used at the New York Stock Exchange, the 1998 Winter Olympics, and a variety of airports. Their staff works closely with the client in designing a product and provide technical support throughout its lifespan.

For over 33 years, Radiant Communications has been a leading manufacturer of Cable TV and broadcast market products. The latest addition of their VividEdge HD/SD video encoders allows the major MSO's to deliver high quality and cost effective video solutions to their customers.

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