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Radiant Communications Corporation Offers Encoder with Predictive Maintenance Internet of Things Software

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Updated 1:53 PM CST, Mon, February 04,2019

South Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2019 -- Radiant Communications Corporation, a telecommunications technology provider, sells HD video encoders with predictive maintenance Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This type of artificial intelligence is a complex system that situates itself within the cloud, allowing the encoder to communicate with end-users and notifying them when the system will soon need maintenance.

This revolutionary technology, found in VividEdgeIoT's VL4500 Predict model, uses IoT to monitor internal voltages, ambient and IC temperatures, system process information, and cooling air flow. Each of these monitoring processes happens seamlessly in the background, meaning users do not need to spend time performing checkups or maintenance until the system itself notifies them of its need for service. By automatically monitoring these systems, this technology is able to prevent system failures, loss of service in the field, and improve customer experience.

In an effort to provide technical service that keeps up with the far-reaching applications of predictive maintenance technologies, Radiant Communications Corporation provides 24/7 support for the life of an individual's purchased encoders. With the combination of their technical support and the predictive maintenance structures built into the technologies themselves, users should expect minimal downtime and can eliminate the worry of stalls, discontinuations, and "randomized" errors. The combination of the tech support and IoT systems will ensure that problems are addressed before they affect the performance of any given technology.

The team at Radiant Communications Corporation understands how important video encoding, such as MPEG-2 encoding, is to telecommunications. That's why they only provide the best video encoders available online. To purchase video encoding or decoding equipment online, visit or call 1(888) 412-0124 for a free estimate.

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Radiant Communications Corporation designs and manufactures products that transport data, audio, and video signals through Ethernet cables, fiber optics, and the Internet. Their systems are used throughout the world by a variety of television networks and telecommunication firms, as well as government and private institutes. Founded in 1985, they have created technology that has been used at the New York Stock Exchange, the 1998 Winter Olympics, and a variety of airports. Their staff works closely with the client in designing a product and provide technical support throughout its lifespan.

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