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Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance Service from Radiant Communications Corp.'s Vivid Edge IoT for the VL4500

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Wed, August 08,2018

South Plainfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2018 -- Radiant Communications Corporations, Inc.'s Vivid Edge IoT Predict Services uses latest industrial IoT technologies and analytical services to leverage predictive maintenance, preventing failures in the field and reducing loss of service events. With their flagship HD encoder, the VL4500, Predict Service monitors internal voltages, ambient and IC temperatures, cooling air flow, and system processes information.

Radiant Communications Corporation, Inc.'s IoT platform and advanced machine learning AI allows you to connect VL4500 encoders to the cloud and deploy machine learning in real-time to leverage predictive maintenance, preventing failures and loss of service in the field and improving the customer experience.

VL4500 Predict Service will collect and analyze the data in real-time and act in case an abnormal condition is detected. Predict Service will automatically notify the customer, schedule maintenance if needed, and configure a redundant encoder to prevent a loss of service.

This is an essential technology for internet broadcasters and streaming professionals who require consistent and reliable transport of HD video and audio, with safeguards against service interruptions. The machine learning capabilities of the Vivid Edge IoT Service will allow the VL4500 to protect itself from internal voltage incompatibilities and dangerous ambient and operating temperatures while providing operators a constant stream of valuable systems operations information.

Those seeking H264 encoders for sale online who also require IoT predictive maintenance services should look no further than the VL4500 with Vivid Edge IoT Predict. Radiant Communications Corporation, Inc. has both SD and HD video encoders for sale online in addition to a variety of other digital transport solutions. To purchase the VL4500, or to learn about the other products Radiant Communications Corporation, Inc. provides, visit or call 1-888-412-0124.

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