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Vancouver Digitization Company Shares How Old Tech Leads to New Beginning for Technophobe Employee

LogoAs a digitization company in Vancouver, the team at Micro Com Systems are aware that technology and equipment are evolving all the time. It's just a reality. But for those who don't naturally embrace technology, it can be a nightmare. This is when slowing down and re-learning old skills can be a good idea. And it was this approach that helped one long-term Micro Com employee bridge the technology gap. Launches New 2-Way SMS Text Messaging Service

LogoDialMyCalls, a leader in voice and SMS marketing and connectivity solutions, has announced the latest product update for their unique online messaging platform. Starting now, 2-way text messaging is available for all customers who are using the DialMyCalls service.

ProCom Provides Businesses with High-Speed Internet Services

LogoWhen it comes to speed and clarity of internet service, business owners need a reliable provider they know can get the job done. That's why business owners who are frustrated with their current service are encouraged to contact ProCom to learn about their high-speed internet in Oakland, MD, McHenry, MD and beyond.

Announcement: DataBlockChain Partners with Omnipoint

Omnipoint is a leading provider of digital data and telecommunication solutions and will be contributing nearly a billion opt-in consumer and business records to the marketplace. With over 25 years of experience, Omnipoint has proven itself to be an leader in the Data, Email and Telecom industries. is a first-to-market data platform utilizing Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies. aims to democratize Big Data by providing a consortium of data suppliers to offer the best available data directly utilizing the Blockchain, eliminating unnecessary middlemen and removing layers of inefficiency in the current data ecosystem.

Ontario Election - Canadian Icon Ed the Sock Returns to Run for Premier

LogoEd the Sock, the beloved media personality regarded as a Canadian icon, has announced his write-in candidacy for Premier of Ontario. As his campaign notes, don't call it a comeback, it's a rescue.

Vancouver Storage Containers by Ferguson Moving

LogoFerguson Moving & Storage offers moveable, transportable storage containers. For those who need to store household or office belongings for any period of time, these containers are an alternative to loading, driving to a storage facility, unloading, and going back again.

What Customers Want Most from "AI + Live Agents" Support Contact Centers

Callnovo has begun to implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to empower it's clients. Callnovo's "AI + Live Agents" solution can easily scale customer support and lower costs for clients. Thanks to AI and big data technology, Callnovo platform can predict and analyze questions based on past activities of the customer.

Sunshine Communication Service Inc. Offers After Hours Call Services in Florida

LogoSunshine Communication Services has been providing call center services since 1974. Based in Coral Gables, Florida, the call center services provider has served both small and large businesses with their outsourced call center services. Their rates are competitive, and the team of agents based at the central offices are trained to receive and forward on behalf of their customers professionally and courteously. Since 1974, Sunshine Communication Services Inc. has been answering calls for businesses at a very competitive rate.

Tragl, the First Hands-Free, Live Translator Will Revolutionize the Way We Communicate

LogoTragl is the first hands-free live translator; a compact and accessible device that lets you just step up and start a conversation in a foreign language through its patented audio system that transmits your translation via a loudspeaker and the reply is translated to your earpiece. The crowdfunding campaign is starting on May 15 on Indiegogo to bring down language barriers.

StaffCircle Launches New Employee Multi-Channel Communications and Alerting Feature

LogoStaffCircle, a disruptive SaaS start-up aimed at improving workplace communication and automation, has just launched a new multi-channel communication feature designed to dramatically improve employee engagement rates.

SMS Deals Inc Offers SMS Solutions in India

LogoSituated in India, SMS Deals Inc has grown to become one of India's top providers when it comes to SMS & digital services. Established in 2008, the end-to-end marketing solutions provider has been able to develop some of the best marketing strategies aimed at making marketing easy and cost-effective. Among the services the company offers include Transactional SMS, Bulk SMS, Premium SMS, Short Code, and Promotional SMS. Recently, they've also expanded their services to web solutions which involves website designing, portal development, online software, customized software developments, email marketing and bulk SMS applications among others. Their primary objective is to ensure they provide clients with customized solutions which will ensure they achieve their business marketing goals in the best way possible.

No More Phone Tag Offering After Hour Call Answering Service at Competitive Prices

LogoNo More Phone Tag is a high-tech call answering service tailored for the healthcare sector. The Ohio based call answering service is powered by a team of knowledgeable and friendly call handlers that prioritize calls and pass them to the right physician at the right time. They ensure that calls needing an immediate response are sent across instantly while relatively unimportant ones are relayed at the next convenience. If the physician is unable to respond, the team automatically transfers the call to the next person on the on-call list, minimizing delays that may have consequences for the caller and the healthcare provider alike.

10Gtek Attends OCP as Super Chinese Suppliers in Telecommunication

LogoOpen Compute Project (OCP) is an organization aiming to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs for scalable computing. The exhibition OCP 2018 was held in San Jose in March with a bunch of cutting-edge latest technology astonishing the attendees. Still, several companies like Eoptolink, 10Gtek, and Mellanox stood out among a whole lot of industry titans and coincidentally, most of them are from the largest economic body in Asia, that's China.

Radiant Communications Corporation Highlights VL4500 Series Encoders

LogoRadiant Communications Corporation, one of the most trusted communication solution providers in the country, is offering a line of innovative MPEG-2 and AVC encoders with a range of benefits for saving time and money. With years of industry experience as the best place to buy HD video encoders online, the company is helping customers across a range of industries improve the functioning of their current systems with their VL4500 series of products. This series offers a range of benefits, from reduced cost and improved video quality to fewer components and immediate integration of features.

Locomizer's GDPR Compliant 'Audience Discovery Platform' Strengthened by US Patent Approval as Competitors Withdraw from Europe

Locomizer, the award-winning provider of location analytics and anonymised audience research for global media agencies and brands today announced success in its application for its 'Interest Profile of a User of a Mobile Application' technology from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The ruling cements Locomizer's lead in providing location data that is compliant with the stringent new European data privacy protection rules known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that become effective May 25th.

Pocket Wi-Fi Rental Has Solved the Biggest Issue Modern Issue - Lack of a Wi-Fi Connection

As the world continues to embark on a digital age, it seems that dependability on the internet isn't shortening any time soon. However, despite the constant need to remain connected to the internet, in many cases, this is not an option. Public Wi-Fi isn't as reliable, whereas mobile internet companies can drench too much money out of the user.

Purchase the Refurbished Mitel 5320 IP Phone Designed for Communications-Intensive Companies from Comms Warehouse

LogoA leading name in the telecommunications sector, Comms Warehouse offers refurbished Mitel 5320 IP Phone which is specifically designed for communications-intensive companies. These phones are highly economical entry-level models that use a converged IP infrastructure to deliver productive output and greater call quality for every customer. Furthermore, they provide various enhancements as applications and services to the user such as speech recognition, unified communications, PC integration, and remote voice and data applications. Comms Warehouse provides various elements in their Mitel 5320 IP Phone Package such as the IP Phone, IP Phone Base Stand, IP Phone Receiver, IP Phone Curly Cord, and IP Phone Line Cord.

The Clarion Group Offers Office Relocation Services with Quick Installation Solutions to Prevent Business Disruption

LogoThe Clarion Group, one of the UK's best independent voice and data providers, offers office relocation services with quick installation solutions to prevent business disruption. They do so by planning and devising strategies beforehand, and then implementing those strategies at the weekend and over public holidays where possible. Prior to relocation, they make a brief outline of events and carry out an evaluation of the equipment required to handle any availability issues during the process. Then, a detailed cost proposal is provided to clients after consulting them to understand their requirements. The next step involves de-installing and transporting the equipment in a safe manner to the new location and finally, after the disposal of outdated and dysfunctional equipment, the equipment is installed after thorough testing at the new site.

R2:2013 Certification Makes Keystone Technology Management the Responsible Choice for Data Destruction

Business owners who are looking for a more responsible option when it comes to removing and destroying their old technology and hardware are encouraged to give the team at Keystone Technology Management a call today. Features Motorola's MOTOTRBO Line

Two-way communication remains a vital component of many different industries. Naturally, police and fire departments across the world depend on this technology, but many individuals in various sectors rely on two-way radios to make their operations more streamlined and their communications more effective and efficient. Industries such as hospitality, construction, health and safety, manufacturing, and even event planning all depend on two-way radio communication.

Wearables a $45 Billion Opportunity for Device OEMs, Says SNS Telecom & IT

SNS Telecom & IT's latest research report indicates that wearable device OEMs will pocket $45 Billion from annual device shipments in 2021.

Multifamily Broadband Council Joins Forces with WISPA to Host Multifamily Track at WISPAPALOOZA 2018

Multifamily Broadband Council ("MBC"), the only trade association dedicated to representing and serving broadband vendors, independent service providers and property owners/managers with the deployment of competitive broadband video and IP services at multifamily communities, is pleased to announce that they will be partnering with the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association ("WISPA") to host a dedicated Multifamily track on October 10, 2018 at the upcoming WISPAPALOOZA 2018 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Midori Interactive Sponsors Spring MONage Conference

LogoMidori Interactive, Inc., a business-focused messaging enablement company, is the lead sponsor of the Spring 2018 MONage Conference.

VoLTE a $280 Billion Opportunity, Says SNS Telecom & IT

SNS Telecom & IT's latest research report indicates that by 2021, VoLTE (Voice over LTE) subscriptions will account for more than $280 Billion in annual service revenue.

Chess Limited Provides Full Range of Project Management Services Delivered on Time

One of the leading telecommunication service providers, Chess Limited offers a full range of project management services which are delivered on time and within their clients' budget. They provide project management services to make sure that each and every installation is customised as per the business needs of the client. Their team of engineers plan in detail and execute each solution with precision to deliver projects within the given deadlines. They develop a complete project plan that helps to identify areas which can help reduce business costs. Besides project management services, they also provide services including Fraud Monitoring, Line Assurance, and Financial services.