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XXSIM Offers an International Sim Card

LogoXXSIM is a trademark of E-Graphic DMCC, a limited company, located in Dubai. XXSIM is the best roaming solution ever, providing free received calls in more than 150 countries. The company targets business travelers, nomad people and private people who leave their countries at least once a year, for vacations, for work or for visiting the family. XXSIM is a sim card that will replace the client's local sim card when they are abroad. XXSIM has been in the telecommunication industry for more than eight years worldwide. XXSIM provides innovative products and services that make using the mobile phone more comfortable and less expensive while traveling to the world. Once registered, one creates an account that allows him/her to have a complete overview of the services offered by XXSIM; example card balance, card call history among others. XXSIM offers transparent services; the company has no contract, no commitment, no bills, no minimum connection fees or minimum daily packages, and no additional hidden fees. XXSIM prices are easy to understand,and the history of the XXSIM allows clients to see exactly how much they spend. One can check the cost of the last call, the value of the previous internet session or the previous SMS sent.

Sunshine Communication Services Provides Answering Services for New and Small Businesses

LogoSunshine Communications Services, Inc is a phone answering service firm that provides Spanish and English answering services to small and large businesses. Whether a business has call overflows and needs assistance or they need after-hours support, they cater to these needs. Similarly, businesses that require 24-hour throughout the year answering services will find their solution at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. They answer all business calls in a professional, courteous and timely manner. They provide several call center services including order taking, message taking, dealer locator, reservations and credit card processing. They work with experienced, bilingual and trained call center agents.

Radiant Communications Corporation Provides Local Video Insertion Technology

LogoApartment complexes, assisted living homes, and gated communities often need local video insertion technology that allows them to deliver video locally to community members. Radiant Communications Corporation provides VividEdge Local Insertion HD video encoders. This technology delivers smooth, low latency video over any network, no matter if it is fiber or cable-based. VividEdge video encoders are a powerful and cost-effective option ideal for video transmission in a range of applications.

Radiant Communications Corporation Offers Best-in-Class SD and HD MPEG-2 and AVC Encoder with the VL4500

LogoRadiant Communications Corporation, a premier designer, developer, and manufacturer of Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) encoders, in addition to a variety of other broadcast, insertion, and CCTV solutions, is offering the VL4500 Series SD/HD MPEG-2 and AVC Encoder to replace legacy analog audio and video fiber transmitters with cost-effective HD capable multi-channel encoder. That transport eliminates the fiber receiver, encoder, and groomer from the headend, thus reducing rack space, power consumption, and heat dissipation. The product allows the encoding and transporting over GigE multiple CableLabs compliant streams, providing a solution for most of the PEG and local insertion channel loading scenarios.

Chess Limited Offers Highly Reliable ICT Infrastructure Solutions Helping Businesses Overcome Their IT Challenges

One of the most reputable telecommunication solution providers in the UK, Chess Limited offers end-to-end ICT infrastructure solutions that help businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Chess Limited's solutions cover everything ranging from notebooks to tablets, according to each client's needs and budget. Chess Limited can also provide customers with business grade mobile technology to ensure that their business runs smoothly and securely no matter where the employees and customers are. They also offer other accessories and hardware such as printers, projectors from world renowned brands such as HP and Microsoft as a part of the solution. Delivery to desktop, asset tracking and tagging, IT asset recycling, desktop/notebook repairs, in warranty repair services, on-site maintenance services and many more are covered in within each bespoke solution.

PMC Telecom Provides Tailored Communication Solutions for Businesses

LogoIf you're in need of a telephone system, PMC Telecom's business phone systems are suitable for a business of any size. PMC Telecom has cost efficient systems to fit 1-8 users, right up to enterprise level with unlimited users.

Get Prepaid International SIM Card at XXSIM

LogoXXSIM is the trademark of Egraphic DMCC which is a limited company based in Dubai. For over eight years, XXSIM has been providing innovative mobile phone products and services that make communication easy while traveling internationally. Their SIM card allows travelers to make calls at a fraction of the usual calling charges. XXSIM has partnerships with over 650 global networks in more than 190 countries, and their SIM card can be used in any broadband modem, a smartphone or standard GSM phone. XXSIM offers a cost-effective way for SMS, voice communication and data download abroad. They offer value, transparency, and convenience. Their SIM card can be used as a micro SIM and for a corporate account as well.

Ninja Number Releases Mobile App Powered by Artificial Intelligence

LogoNinja Number has released its mobile app, Ninja Number Business - the only virtual phone app that uses artificial intelligence and a conversational interface to interact with the user.

XXSIM Offers Free Delivery Services Worldwide

LogoXXSIM has been active for more than eight years, and they offer innovative new products and services that make using a mobile phone more comfortable and cost-effective while traveling to the world. They are the best international SIM card providers in Dubai offering incredible plans on data and roaming charges for travelers anywhere in the world. Their SIM cards use any Smartphone, standard GSM phone or broadband modem. Their services help their clients keep in touch with their family and friends every day without fear of having expensive mobile phone bills.

ProCom Offers Business Owners the Telephone Connectivity They Need

LogoWhen customers call a business, they expect crystal clarity and a friendly voice on the other end of the line. Business owners who are using a telephone service that frequently cuts out or drops calls can lose clientele, customers, and even important investors. Business phone services in Oakland, MD from ProCom offer business owners a number of enhanced features and the voice clarity that comes directly from their fiber optic network.

Environmental Protection as an Integral Part of Corporate Culture. Environmentalism in ICL Services

Logo2017 was declared the Year of Ecology in Russia. The state put issues related to environmental protection at the top of its priorities. Thanks to this initiative, an increasing number of eco-schools, eco-initiatives and eco-volunteers have started cropping up around the country, and citizens are learning more than ever about ecological and environmental issues. In other words, corporate eco-activities are now being implemented in the context of the country's general environmental policy.

Innovative Solutions for Business Automation and Monitoring

LogoAll companies which seek to grow their business are using advanced technologies. There is ever more information, and they need to be flexible and able to change quickly: not only changing the services they provide to their customers, but also transforming internal processes, making them more mobile and dynamic.

Work Processes in ICL Services: 5 Steps for Achieving the Best Results

LogoWe conduct the annual internal employee engagement survey. Recent results showed that 85% of employees are willing to recommend ICL Services as a preferred employer.

Continuous Improvement: Approaches to Using Lean in IT Management

LogoIn the 1980's, Professor Noriaki Kano invented a model that reflects the relationship between product qualities and customer satisfaction. He defined three categories of product qualities: basic, performance, and excitement. And then he explained how these or other qualities increase or decrease satisfaction from the use of the product.

Four Essential Steps to Building a Socially Responsible Business

LogoIn 2018, it is very strange to ask questions like "Should a company be socially responsible?" or "What does the company get from this?" The experience of hundreds of companies, from Gazprom to Nestle, shows that your responsibility to society is a prerequisite for long-term and sustainable success.

An Anti-Crisis Charity Model

LogoOver the past four years, Russia has been suffering from a difficult economic and political situation. About 50% of the companies that took part in the survey of Zircon research group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Donor Forum and CAF Russia have ceased to support charitable organizations or minimized their financial contribution to charity events.

Sunshine Communication Services Is Offering Telephone Answering Services to Businesses

LogoSunshine Communication Services, Inc. Is a 24-hour live telephone answering service company that has been in the business for over 40 years offering small and large businesses with telephone answering services.The company's services go way beyond merely answering calls as they also take web orders, do telemarketing, book doctors' appointments, process credit cards and much more. Call center agents at the company's centralized offices are the best in the business with experience in receiving and transmitting calls on their client's behalf professionally and courteously.

Network Complexity, 5G Rollouts Will Drive SON (Self-Organizing Network) Spending to $5.5 Billion, Says SNS Telecom & IT

SNS Telecom & IT's latest report indicates that the growing complexity of mobile networks and 5G NR (New Radio) infrastructure rollouts will drive SON (Self-Organizing Network) spending to $5.5 Billion by 2022.

Procom Introduces Prodigi Triple Play Package

LogoHomeowners who are searching for a one-stop-shop for their home communications needs are encouraged to make a call to the team at ProCom to learn more about their new Prodigi Triple Play package that bundles telephone, cable TV, and internet together for one low price. Well known for providing home and business phone services in Oakland MD, ProCom is proud to expand their offerings and save customers money with their convenient Triple Play package.

Radiant Communications Corporation Offers SlingBox Alternative with RM1106

LogoRadiant Communications Corporation, a leading broadcast streaming solutions company providing high-quality video encoders for sale online, is offering the RM1106 placeshifting TV streaming media device to dethrone the popular SlingBox. The RM1106 has many advantages compared to SlingBox, and it does so by utilizing the remarkable engineering capabilities exhibited by the experts at Radiant Communications Corporation. There are multiple ways the RM1106 outshines its competition, and besides brand recognition, there is nothing the SlingBox can do that the RM1106 cannot.

Newly Launched OTT Operator Adds More Channels to Their Standard Lineup

LogoThe all-new OTT service which made its debut this year signs deals with more networks to bring its customers more unique content.

Three - UK's Best-Loved Brand Is Partnering with Whisbi to Make Digital Interactions with Customers More Human

LogoThree UK is the first Telecom brand in the UK to have partnered with Whisbi to provide a differentiating online customer experience to their customers.

XXSIM Provides No International Roaming Charges

LogoXXSIM travel SIM card offers telecommunications services to many people across the world through several strategic business partnerships, with over 650 global networks in at least190 countries. Being active for more than eight years worldwide, they provide innovative new products and services that make using the mobile phone more comfortable and less expensive while traveling to the world. The XXSIM card can be used in any standard GSM phone, Smartphone or even broadband modem worldwide for a fraction of the usual price.

Vergelijk Mobiele Telefoon Announces Smart New Platform, platform launched by Vergelijk Mobiele Telefoon has become the go to place for users who want to compare different Telecom providers and the packages they offer.

Internetvergelijken Introduces New Information Database

Internetvergelijken has introduced an information database - to take the hassle out of comparing Internet, calling and TV packages for users.