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Radiant Communications Corporation Is Proud to Offer 24/7 Support

LogoIt is one thing to acquire a product such as an MPEG-2 decoder or an MPEG 2 HD encoder from Radiant Communications Corporation, but it is another to ensure that it is working properly. To guarantee that all of their customers are happy with their products, Radiant Communications Corporation is pleased to announce that they offer 24/7 support services. Those who need technical support can give the company a call anytime at 1-800-969-3427. They also pledge that an experienced professional will always be available to answer any questions or concerns. Updates Two Popular Guides to Federal Lifeline Program updated two important, popular online resources for those seeking information about the federal government's Lifeline cellphone program. The first newly updated guide, available now at, details how qualifying senior citizens can sign up for a Free Government Cell Phone and phone service. The second recently updated guide, online now at, describes how disabled people can take advantage of the same opportunity.

VoIPinclusive Publishes Brand New Guide to the Benefits of VoIP Service

VoIPinclusive, one of the country's top providers of fixed-price, all-inclusive Voice over Internet Protocol telephony solutions, published a helpful new guide to the benefits of VoIP service. Available now at the company's homepage,, the useful new guide details how switching to VoIP can save businesses money and allow them to benefit from the technology's impressive power and flexibility. A member of the Callagenix Group of telephone service companies, VoIPinclusive focuses on providing simple, comprehensive VoIP packages that make it easy and economical to get started with the technology.

Those Who Do Frequent Conference Calls in UK Can Do So Free of Cost

Those who make frequent conference calls from UK may be glad over the news that is providing free conference calls in the United Kingdom. The company uses the concept of 'inclusive minutes' while providing these services.

Chorus Communications Offers Colocation Hosting Service for Companies

LogoWithout secure WiFi services in Bucks County, PA, companies face the possibility of having their data breached or lost. The premier encryption service company, Chorus Communications, specializes in providing network security for companies. The agency is pleased to announce that they offer a colocation hosting service, which is highly beneficial for production and growth. Companies that rely on the internet and technology to complete their tasks need a reliable hands-on approach that will lead them to the solutions they need on the web; the colocated hosting service allows businesses to have complete control over their servers.

Transcom Releases Satcom Peps in London, Dallas, Singapore and Tokyo for Boosting Satellite Internet Performance with out Any End User Hardware or Software

The Transcom Group has released its Satellite Access pepsal (Performance Enhancing Proxy for Satellite Links) service to the general public for the first time, which enables Satellite Internet users to experience terrestrial connectivity characteristics such as eliminating latency, jitter, packet loss and TCP startup times and incorporates more than thirty proprietary processes including enhanced congestion limiting algorithms and even mptcp (Multipath TCP) capabilities.

Toronto-Based VoIP Business Phone Provider Expands Service in Alberta Acquisition

Toronto-based VoIP business phone provider, BroadConnect Telecom, Inc announced its strategic acquisition of an Alberta based hosted business phone provider, Shift Networks 2008 Inc. This expansion of operations comes as another exciting growth landmark for BroadConnect, which expanded into the United States in 2012. BroadConnect's VP of Sales, Ravi Prasher, spoke about the exciting new changes, "This acquisition is a significant milestone for BroadConnect, as we continue to enhance our network availability and quality, and extend our range of products and services in Western Canada."

The Stars Will Shine at Chorus Communications' 2015 Carriers Ball

LogoFor the first time in telecommunications history, Chorus Communications, one of the nation's leading master agencies, will present the 2015 Carriers Ball "Hollywood Meets Boston." The telecom community and cloud partners around the country will turn their attention to this innovative gala as Chorus Communications celebrates the top carriers & providers in the industry today. This highly anticipated event will take place on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 during The Cloud Partners Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

ProCom Offering Excellent Pricing on Cable TV, Internet and Phone with Prodigi Triple Play Communications Packages

LogoDeciding between communication companies' many options when it comes to phone, cable and internet can be a time-consuming, complicated process that ends in consumers spending far too much for their communication needs, regardless of how much research they've done. Package deals can be a great option, but many companies charge too much without delivering the service and attention clients deserve. With ProCom's Prodigi Triple Play communications packages, customers need not sacrifice affordability in order to receive the highest levels of customer care along with quality communication services. Highlights the Latest Innovations of Antennas That Will Give Access to Interplanetary Communication

LogoWhen people start talking about antenna the first thing that comes to mind by many is television sets with two metal rods that are poking above the screen where most people call 'Rabbit ear'. Who would have thought that after Guilielmo Marconi invented the antenna in 1906, it now becomes the source of many mystifying inventions using an antenna?'s Offers Phone Contracts for People with Bad Credit

LogoPhone contracts in the UK are becoming prevalent as these give consumers a smart choice when it comes to choosing the right mobile phone plans for their needs. But getting a phone contract could be tricky as most major providers would only accept consumers with good credit history for the reason that they want to avoid the high risk. It cannot be denied that bad credits can affect a person's credibility and ability to pay, which is why at all cost, most phone contract providers will only entertain consumers with good track records of payments. But getting a contract phone for bad credit should not be daunting, as there is willing to help people with bad credit to find a suitable phone contract. Reveals How to Get a No-Toll Non-Geographical Number in the UK

The recently released website provides all the existing information on how to obtain, how long it takes, what are the expenses and how to choose the provider and package concerning 0800 numbers, also known as costless non-geographical ones.

SkyCom Announces That They Are Now Available to Take on Clients in Need of Immediate Call Center Services

LogoBusinesses in the government sector or utilities, financial services, retail and insurance industries looking for efficient call center services can turn to SkyCom. In fact, SkyCom has just announced that they are now available to take on clients in need of immediate call center services. To learn more about their services, business owners can give them a call at 1-844-300-1216 or visit their website,, and fill out a contact form.

Advanced Cable and TV Service Provider Now Offers Seychelles the Best in Broadcast

Cable & Wireless Seychelles, a part of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) is excited about the launch of its new TV service which will help Seychelles get the best quality TV broadcast facility that will transform the way broadcasting is done.

Sky Contact Number Expands Resources to Cover Numbers for Specific Topics

Sky is the UK's biggest TV provider, offering a huge range of channels, the best new programming from across the US and the world, movies, sports and more. The company has also diversified in recent years to provide broadband, phone and other services, enabling customers to bundle them for a discount and get a better deal on their home needs. Sky are a proactive company when it comes to customer services, but many people are still aggravated by the number of hoops they have to jump through to get a customer service number. Sky Contact Number is a site that eliminates that process, and is expanding to cover specific departments.

Radiant Communications Corporation Makes Strides in Remote Monitoring Technology

For three decades, Radiant Communications Corporation has been at the forefront of communications technology. They design communications equipment that are widely used by major television companies and broadcast networks, as well as government institutions to transmit data, video and audio over high-speed connections. In keeping with the company's mission to continually improve upon its cost-effective telecommunications solutions, Radiant Communications Corporation has announced that they are currently improving their RM1121 remote monitoring system.

Chorus Communications Now Offering Encryption Services with Their Telecommunication Solutions

LogoWhen it comes to effective communication between companies and their clients, it is vital to ensure all messages are protected. Relationships in a technologically driven era are defined by data protection. To keep data and messages safe and secure, Chorus Communications is now offering email encryption services to their clientele. The service is an added security measure that gives clients the confidence that sensitive information sent through email will not be stolen.

Callagenix Launches Small Business VoIP Plan Designed to Save Businesses' Money

According to a recent study conducted by ABI Research, the demand for hosted business voip services has increased significantly in UK businesses. This type of technology, which allows users to make calls using the broadband Internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system, converts sound into digital voice communication and then transfers it through the Internet. According to Tony Jenkins spokesperson for Callagenix, a telephony services company, these type of services are especially popular with small businesses.

SkyCom Taking New Clients in Need of Call Center Services This August

LogoSkyCom has just announced that they are taking new clients in need of call center services this August. SkyCom is a company that offers call center services from their offices in Central America. They have experience working with a variety of businesses such as those in the manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and technology industries. To get in touch with them regarding their services, those interested can give them a call at 1-844-300-1216, or fill out a contact form on their website,

ProCom Announces Availability of Home and Business Internet Services to Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania

LogoThose looking for communication services may be confused as to their options and unfamiliar with the choices available to them, when it comes to phone, internet and cable television connections. Businesses in particular need internet that is affordable and reliable in order to keep operations running smoothly and in a timely manner. ProCom, a communication services provider, announces that it is currently offering its phone, internet and cable services along with the Prodigi Triple Play Communication packages in order to save consumers time, money and confusion.

Enhancing Communication Using Video Chat from VeriShow

LogoVeriShow's video chat products can be used by remote customer support teams for more effective communication that helps resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, saving time and money for the organization while helping to retain customers because of the better quality of service provided.

UnifiedCT Releases Innovative Solutions for Skype for Business Room Systems

Today, UnifiedCT is releasing for the first time their UnifiedCT Skype for Business HuddleRoom system in partnership with Conference Room Systems. After Microsoft's release of Skype for Business in 2013 as the new improved version of Microsoft Lync, it has grown to be one of the most popular online video conferencing service providers on the market. Due to the markets overwhelming positive response, we have been developing three complete professional and customizable Skype for Business room systems. These three room systems (HuddleRoom, BoardRoom and WirelessRoom) come complete with the Unyfy software capable of powerful integrations with Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendars, GoToMeeting, WebEX and host of other online meeting providers. UnifiedCT found that the number one objection to traditional "Lync Room Systems" was their inability to support third-party video conferencing providers such as GoToMeeting and WebEX. Not only have we addressed this objection but our systems ship with everything an end user will need to set up and install the video conferencing.

Phone Detective Expert Offers a Simple End to Prank Call Problems

Everyone with a phone knows about the common problem of being bothered by unknown numbers and callers. For the longest time the solution to the problem of identifying and tracing an unknown number has been a complicated one, not any more according to Phone Detective Expert's new service that provides a reliable reverse phone lookup tool which makes it easy for member to search out unknown numbers from the database of millions of cell phone, landline, residential and unlisted number.

Cat 5 Cabling Limited Provides Reliable Data Cabling Services at Competitive Prices

Be it installation, testing or trouble shooting, Cat 5 Cabling Limited is one of the leading names in cable engineering in and around Hertfordshire. It is important to use the services of an expert in order to have continued connectivity and hence, commercial and housing establishments can consider for all such requirements.

Communications Services Provider, ProCom, Offers High Speed Internet, Fast Installation for Summer

LogoWith beautiful weather and plenty of activities to promote or enjoy, summer is the time for connection. As worldwide reliance on the internet as a primary means of communication increases, so does the need for fast, reliable internet connections. Businesses and homeowners looking for internet services in Oakland, MD, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia need look no further than the excellent deals, fast installation and reliable fiber optic-speed internet offered by ProCom.