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WeGuard® 4.9 Released with Much Awaited Features and Enhancements

LogoWeGuard 4.9 release introduces AI to WeTalk and features like location tracking with breadcrumb trail, WeBox integrated with 3rd party cloud services being Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and also the ability to read data from external storage (SD Card)

Easybee Offers Virtual Receptionist Services Helping Small Business Owners Improve Their Customer Service

LogoCustomer Service Agents are the first line of contact customers have with any business. Unfortunately, not every business can afford full-time and dedicated customer service department. There are businesses, especially small or start-ups, that can't afford a dedicated customer service department which causes them to lose customers and brand value too. This is where a virtual receptionist comes into play. A virtual receptionist service like Easybee is a cost-effective way for small businesses and startups to get access to better customer service without breaking the bank.

Yorktel Announces Availability of Two New Cloud-Based Services for Microsoft Teams

LogoYorktel, a leading provider of IT services and solutions — including managed services for enterprise, federal government, and public sector customers worldwide — will unveil two new services at Microsoft Ignite 2019 that dramatically enhance the use of Microsoft Teams. Both services will be added to Yorktel's portfolio of Univago Cloud Service offerings. The Microsoft Teams Gateway Service, built on the Microsoft certified Pexip platform, enables companies deploying Microsoft Teams to achieve a fully modern and integrated workplace environment by supporting collaboration between any standards-based equipment such as Cisco, Polycom or via a web browser and Skype for Business clients.

No More Phone Tag Providing Highly Accurate Phone Answering Solutions for Medical Facilities

LogoGreat businesses start with great customer care, and doctors' offices are no different. Considering this fact, No More Phone Tag offers high-quality medical phone answering solutions for private practices, as well as large healthcare facilities. The service provider makes sure that the after-hours calls of its clients are handled promptly, professionally, and without any hassle. If the call is not urgent, their patients can quickly leave messages for the next business day. Else, its experts notify the doctor on-call within three seconds.

Private LTE & 5G Network Infrastructure an $8 Billion Opportunity, Says SNS Telecom & IT

LogoSNS Telecom & IT's latest research report indicates that annual investments in private LTE and 5G network infrastructure – which includes RAN (Radio Access Network), mobile core and transport network equipment – will reach $8 Billion by the end of 2023.

VEEDEEO Launches Automatic Translation System for Video Conferences

VEEDEEO has launched an innovative system of automatic translation that allows guests to attend video meetings in more than 120 languages without having to use an interpreter. Teams, customers and partners can easily meet in video conferencing and speak in their native languages.

ProCom Now Provides Crystal Clear Cable TV Services

LogoFrom classic sitcoms to fall football to America's favorite talent competition, cable networks have packed schedules this upcoming autumn TV season. Unfortunately, cable costs seem to rise on a daily basis, forcing more and more residents to cut the cord or search online for more affordable "TV bundles in my area." Now, there's finally a solution — cable TV in Oakland, MD from ProCom.

ProCom Offers High Speed Internet Services in Garrett County

LogoThe internet connects homeowners to the world, students to an endless wealth of information, and business owners to new customers and clients. Unfortunately, many internet providers charge excessive amounts for even basic services. Homeowners who are unsatisfied with the service they're receiving from their current internet provider are encouraged to contact the team at ProCom to learn about how their fiber network can provide high-speed internet in Garrett County at an affordable price.

Bend Cloud Selects Cascade Divide Ultra High-Density™ Data Centers to Offer Best in Class Cloud Products.

10/10/2019 – Bend, Oregon – Bend Cloud has selected Cascade Divide Ultra High-Density data centers for creating low latency data-intensive Cloud applications as well as other Cloud Services in Central Oregon.

Second Phone Line Ninja Number Mobile App Now Offers Purchase Through Google and Apple Pay

LogoNinja Number has released a virtual phone app that offers signup through Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it even easier to secure a business phone number.

Antlion Audio Announces First USB Attachable Microphone

LogoAntlion Audio (, the leader in attachable microphones for gaming, streaming and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), returns to their core lineup in a major way. Following the success of the ModMic Wireless, Antlion has taken the digital learning and applied it to their wired product line to create the ModMic USB. This microphone is the first native USB attachable microphone on the market, with unmatched quality and consistency across devices. Additionally, the ModMic 4 is upgraded to the new ModMic Uni. This traditional 3.5mm terminating ModMic has upgraded internals to create the highest quality noise-canceling mic of its kind.

Extending Ukrainian-Japanese IT Collaboration: Ukrainian Provider of Dedicated Development Teams Meets JASIPA

LogoIn the beginning of September 2019 the top management of a rapidly growing Ukrainian dedicated development teams provider, Mobilunity visited Japan to meet their local partners, and to introduce the opportunities that the Ukrainian IT talent pool can bring to Japanese companies. During the business trip Mobilunity CEO Cyril Samovsky, Director of Business Development Alfonsine Williams, and Country Manager Hiroshi Shibata met representatives of JASIPA in Tokyo. JASIPA unites a group of venture IT companies in Japan, and since its foundation in October 2002, has grown to 100 members from all over Japan: from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

From Small Distributor to Internationally Accredited Aggregator, Aman Bhangu Is the New Boss in the Digital Music Industry

While plenty of independent artists are aware of music aggregators like TuneCore and CD Baby, it seems the India-based Trendy Beat Network is throwing its hat in the distribution ring, becoming the youngest digital music aggregator.

No More Phone Tag Providing the Best Call Answering Services to Healthcare Facilities in the US

LogoNo More Phone Tag is contributing to the progress of doctors and healthcare practices with state-of-the-art call answering services. No More Phone Tag is a small yet organized operation powered by friendly and knowledgeable call handlers and cutting-edge technology. The blend allows the delivery of HIPAA compliant services, customized to any on-call schedule, requirement, or budget. Plus, real-time changes can be implemented and multiple doctors supported as per the need. When the patient interface is ensured efficiently 24/7/365, the clients can stay competitive and portray themselves as the best at what they do.

No More Phone Tag Is the Best Bet for Efficient and Affordable Medical Call Answering Service

LogoNo More Phone Tag is not just helping doctors, healthcare practices and property management firms to get the better of phone answering services but also enabling them to stay competitive and flaunt a professional image. Founded by Walter Lundstrom, No More Phone Tag provides HIPAA compliant, streamlined, customized, and cost-effective call answering services on a pan-USA basis through experienced and trained call handlers. The call answering service leverages on cutting edge technology to have a full back up of any incumbent system or replace the system if required. A collaborative approach is followed when tailoring solutions for each practice or professional.

Yorktel Celebrates the Launch of a New Subsidiary Focused on Telehealth Communications

LogoCaregility to enable virtual care solutions for healthcare industry, as Yorktel retains focus on building and supporting next generation IT services and solutions.

Improve Your Business with A Virtual Receptionist This September

LogoSelf Improvement Month serves as a great reminder to think about the ways people can improve and care for themselves. For lawyers, Realtors and other small business owners, getting organized and focused can be an excellent way to improve business and practice self-care. A virtual receptionist service like Easybee lets business owners stop worrying about administrative tasks and focus on their passion.

Radiant Communications Corporation Provides Video Streaming Solutions for Schools and Universities

LogoAs fall arrives and students flood back to class at high schools and colleges across the country, Radiant Communications Corporation is proud to provide low-latency video streaming solutions, such as the company's new ELLVIS9000 Secure Reliable Transport streaming gateway, that are ideal for campus communications networks.

No More Phone Tag Providing 24x7 Phone Answering Solutions for Medical Offices

LogoNo More Phone Tag offers HIPAA-compliant doctor's phone answering solutions. These solutions allow doctors or physicians to control their time while still providing great patient care. With expert call answering solutions, the doctors can prioritize patient calls so they can better treat all patients, both with emergencies and non-emergency health concerns. No More Phone Tag handles every call consistently and exactly per its client's instructions so they do not have any stress of dealing with their answering service.

Radiant Communications Corporation Introduces "ELLVIS" Technology for Incomplete Municipal Fiber Networks

LogoMunicipal fiber networks don't have to be complete to serve all applications, thanks to new "ELLVIS" technology developed by Radiant Communications Corporation.

A Virtual Answering Service Can Help Businesses Compete with New Technology

LogoMore people than ever are relying on new technology, like phone apps and online scheduling, when searching for services. Customers enjoy the convenience and quick assistance offered by this technology. A virtual answering service can help Realtors, law offices, and other small businesses stay competitive as this technology begins to affect new areas and industries.

A J Hanna, Chief Mobile Financial Service Officer for Veon Group Joins the Board of Prepay Nation

LogoPrepay Nation is proud to announce Mr. A J Hanna as their new Chairman of the Board. Mr. Hanna is an innovator and pioneer in mobile financial services and digital payments with global hands-on experience and expertise across the financial services and telecom industries. Mr. Hanna held key positions at American Express, Western Union, First Data, Millicom and VEON over the past several years and has a proven track record in seizing new opportunities, developing new products and delivering strong financial and operational results.

XXSIM Providing Travelers with the Most Affordable SIM Card for International Roaming

LogoXXSIM is offering the top solution for travelers and businesspersons to reduce roaming charges with its XXSIM card that allows free receiving calls in more than 150 countries.

NEC Hotel Protection and Mobilisation – Preventing Tragedy Without Discomforting Guests

It is a mandatory requirement for all hotel managers to assess fire risks in their hotels and to ensure that adequate fire detection and alarm systems are in place. It is vital that control measures are implemented to prevent fires from starting and to enable people to evacuate quickly one does, and luckily for all NEC present the ultimate Hotel Protection and Mobilisation Solution - able to provide hotel managers with peace of mind knowing that if a fire does occur, they have a reliable and sophisticated solution in place to reduce the risk of further troubles occurring.

NEC Enterprise Solutions Share DECT Information: The Greatest Wireless on Premises Communication Technology

NEC Enterprise Solutions, a company renowned for enabling new approaches to how communications and IT services are delivered and managed, whilst providing enterprises with brand new ways to grow and operate, has recently updated their website blog discussing DECT (digital enhanced cordless technology), the most successful and popular technology for wireless on premises communications.